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Help us build a dynamic and strong regional Rotaract MDIO.


Take advantage of the opportunities to be part of a regional Rotaract network that provides resources, international connection for fellowship and partnerships, and beyond the club/district membership engagement experiences.


  1. Member rates for Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference

  2. Multi-district learning and fellowship events for Rotaractors in the district 

  3. Host regional conference and MDIO events

  4. Access to regional resources 

  5. Showcase district's initiatives and stories through the MDIO communication platforms

  6. Leadership development for experienced leaders from the district

  7. Network for international service (i.e., twin clubs/districts, multi-district exchanges and service project collaborations)

  8. Discuss concerns of regional interest


Understand the MDIO

Submit Consent to Join Forms

You may request copies of the MDIO Briefer and Constitution and Bylaws via email to State your name, district position, district number, district's covered areas, and country in the body of the email. Check if your district is included in the eligible countries/territories. Review the documents then present to District Rotaract Committee and District Governor.

The District Rotaract Representative (DRR) and the District Governor (DG) must accomplish and sign the consent to join forms. It is recommended that the DRR consult the Rotaract clubs within the district and the District Rotaract Committee regarding intent to join the MDIO.

Wait for Rotary International Approval

The MDIO forwards the signed consent to join forms to Rotary International for approval. Once approved, the district is already a member and can now take advantage of the services of the MDIO. The district is encouraged to promote the MDIO among Rotaractors in the district beginning with asking them to subscribe to the MDIO's communication platforms.

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