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We leverage on our regional nature to bring value to our member districts.


We disseminate critical information, share stories and best practices of districts and clubs in the region, organize regional conference, offer learning and development sessions, provide platform for inter-country connection, and advocate for regional causes that align with the Rotary's areas of focus.

Regional Conference

Information Dissemination

Facilitating Multi-District Communication

Rotaractors can enjoy a wide-range of activities throughout the conference, offering a platform for Rotaract workshops for idea and cultural exchange and fellowship among Rotaractors. Rotaractors from around the world are welcome to participate in the conference.

Districts get the latest information from Rotary International and gain access to valuable regional data. With the help of the MDIO's communication platforms, Rotaractors get inspired from the projects and best practices of clubs and districts within the region.

Quarterly meetings of national and district Rotaract leaders provide a venue for discussion of common concerns, including Elevate Rotaract. The MDIO also helps connect districts for inter-district exchanges within and outside the Asia Pacific region. The MDIO also links Rotaract leaders to officers and support staff of Rotary International, its satellite offices, and the zones.

Twin Club Opportunities

Coming Soon: The MDIO will launch a platform that would make twin club connections and partnerships within the region easier. As Rotaract Clubs will soon be eligible to participate in The Rotary Foundation Global Grants, this platform could hopefully help you find potential international partners (required for Global Grants).

Learning and Development

Learning and development initiatives, such as trainings and eLearnings, help Rotaract leaders be updated with the latest policies and trends in club/district administration, membership engagement, and service project development and management.

Regional Causes

The MDIO supports the service goals of Rotary International, including the encouragement of Rotaractors to support The Rotary Foundation and End Polio. The MDIO also advocates for regional causes, especially those aligned with the Rotary's Areas of Focus.


JUL 2021

New Rotary Year


24-25 Asia Pacific Rotaract Leaders Summit

AUG 2021

Membership and New Club Development Month

28 1st Quarter Asia Pacific Rotaract Leaders Meeting and Learning Session

SEP 2021

Basic Education and Literacy Month

OCT 2021

Community Economic Development Month

4-5 RI Presidential Conference - Gyeongju, South Korea

24 World Polio Day and End Polio Now Online Campaign

NOV 2021

Rotary Foundation Month


20 2nd Quarter Asia Pacific Rotaract Leaders Meeting and Learning Session

26-27 RI Presidential Conference - Manila, Philippines

DEC 2021

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 Last Day for Early Registration Discount for the 2022 Rotary International Convention

JAN 2022

Vocational Service Month


8 Opening of Registration for 19th Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference in Seoul, South Korea

16-20 Rotary International Assembly, Florida, USA

FEB 2022

Peace Building and Conflict Prevention Month

19 2nd Quarter Asia Pacific Rotaract Leaders Meeting and Learning Session

23 Rotary's Anniversary

MAR 2022

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month


14-18 World Rotaract Week

APR 2022

Maternal and Child Health Month

MAY 2022

Youth Service Month

7 4th Quarter Asia Pacific Rotaract Leaders Meeting and Learning Session

21-22 18th Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (Virtual)

JUN 2022

Rotary Fellowships Month

3-4 Presidential Conference, Houston, Texas, USA | Rotaract Preconvention
4-8 Rotary International Convention, Houston, Texas, USA


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With your help, we can end polio for good!

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