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Rotaractors as People of Action

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO will be featuring Rotaract Clubs who are demonstrating that they are People of Action! Email your People of Action photo and caption, following below guidelines, to and we'll feature your submission in our Instagram account @AsiaPacificRotaractMDIO.


People of Action is Rotary’s public image campaign which aims to define Rotary to those who don’t know us. It gives a simple consistent answer and rallies Rotarians and Rotaractors around a single idea: telling and showing the world that we are people of action.

Where others see despair, we see hope. Where others see problems, we see solutions. Where some might see challenges, we see opportunities. The campaign gives us a chance to show others how Rotaractors see what’s possible in our communities and to highlight what we can achieve when we join together to bring those ideas to life.


STEP 1: Choose a Photo of a Rotaract Club Project during the pandemic

The photo should show Rotaractors as people of action specifically, authentic moments of Rotaractors actively engaged in our work, our relationships, and our community. No need to put the standard People of Action Campaign verbs in the photo. It will be the MDIO that shall select the appropriate action verb and put in the photo.

Guidelines for Photos

  • Take photos that are in a documentary style (with subjects who aren’t posed). Think Rotaractors in action.

  • Subjects’ faces and actions should be positive, happy, and engaging.

  • Ensure photos represent the diversity of your club in age, ethnicity, and gender.

  • Photos should have a minimum of two people. For example, at least two Rotaractors working together or a Rotaractor with a beneficiary. Avoid having more than five people in the photo to maintain a clear focal point.

  • Shoot clean backgrounds — avoid background objects that appear to come out of people’s heads, distracting objects, or patterns in between the subjects’ heads.

  • The ad headline will cover the center of the page. Photos need to be taken with plenty of negative space around the subject to accommodate this.

  • Do not use photos with too much white background. The text overlay is always white — avoid items such as a white table with white papers on it and white clothing in the central focal point.

  • Be sure to get written permission from anyone shown in the photos.

  • Photos should tell a genuine story of impact.

  • Photos should highlight what makes Rotaract special.

  • Photos should capture viewers’ attention, inspire interest and generate an emotional reaction.

  • Ask yourself, “Will people in my community connect with what they see in the photo?”

Photography to Avoid

STEP 2: Develop a Caption

The caption is where you will tell the story portrayed by the photo and shall briefly expound on these three elements: your claim, your proof and your call to action.

Your Claim: What did you do that was meaningful for your community?

Rotary’s efforts have helped reduce polio cases worldwide by 99.9 percent and we won't stop until we wipe polio from the face of the earth.

Your Proof: How did you go about accomplishing your project?

Joining the fight against polio, the Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente worked with its sponsoring Rotary club to immunize 70 children residing in Barangay Inayawan, Cebu City.

Your Call to Action: What do you want your viewers to do when they see your ad?

Join our cause by educating people about polio and vaccination as well as donating funds to support our immunization and surveillance efforts. Learn more at Together, we can end polio.

Limit the caption to 800 characters (with spaces) including the #PeopleOfAction.

STEP 3: Send Photo and Caption to Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO

  • Send to with the subject PEOPLE OF ACTION - CLUB NAME

  • Attach the photo and paste the caption written in the email body.

  • Indicate also your club Instagram account (if any) and Facebook page URL in the email body.


  1. Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO exercises discretion on which photos to feature based on available posting slots and compliance to Rotary's People of Action Campaign Guidelines.

  2. Only one photo per Rotaract Club only.

STEP 4: Follow Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO Instagram Account (@AsiaPacificRotaractMDIO)

Be updated of the People of Action stories of Rotaract clubs across the region by following the MDIO Instagram Account.


Adequate sanitation and toilets are basic necessities that ensure the health of people by preventing the spread of diseases and promoting a clean environment. Realizing that an Aeta community in Barangay Tongko, Tayabas City has no toilet and human waste segregation system, the Rotaract Club of Tayabas Central thought of installing a communal comfort room in the said community. With the help of its sponsor Rotary Clubs of Tayabas and Tayabas Central as well as other partner 28 Rotaract Clubs, the comfort room was finally turned over last October 18, 2020. Access to proper sanitation is a universal right. Find opportunities to provide sanitation facilities to developing communities. Together, We Transform. #PeopleofAction

Know more about the featured Rotaract club at

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