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Where cultural and ideas exchanges happen


The Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) is a regional Rotaract event organized annually to cultivate the leadership skills of Rotaractors, provide platform for ideas and cultural exchanges, as well as promote fellowship and service project collaboration. It was initiated in 2004 by Rotaractors from Rotary International District 3450 and the first APRRC was held in Hong Kong. The APRRC has already been held in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Japan. 


Opening Ceremony

This includes the procession of flags and roll call of countries/territories, welcome addresses, and messages from the Guest of Honor and Rotary International President/ President Representative.

Rotaract Festival

Booths are setup per country/territory to showcase culture, food, and traditional games in a bid to develop international understanding and foster friendship.


Rotaractors per country/territory perform traditional dance or local popular culture wearing their traditional attires.

Country Reports

Reports by National Representatives/ District Rotaract Representatives on the milestones of Rotaract movement in their countries/territories.

Keynote Speeches

Prominent figures are invited to deliver Keynote Speeches or host forums with the delegates to discuss insights on pressing topics.

Rotaract Workshops

Outstanding leaders in Rotary and Rotaract are invited to host workshops on Rotary/Rotaract related topics.

Leaders Meeting

MDIO Executive Committee members, National Representatives, and District Rotaract Representatives attend this meeting to discuss the strategic development of the MDIO and the APRRC. Key agenda of the meeting include approval of resolutions, next APRRC host bidding and election of the next MDIO Chair.


Host district/country brings participants to a local community to understand their needs, invigorate participants’ passion for service, and engage them for a collaborative service activity.

Cultural Workshops

Participants learn more about the host country's culture through learning sessions on traditional food, game, dance, sport, or craft among others.

Closing Ceremony

This is a review of the attainments of the conference and reflections on learnings post-conference. The newly elected MDIO Chair and the host district/country of the next APRRCs are announced. The Rotary International President/ President Representative, the Guest of Honor, host District Governor and District Rotaract Representative, and the APRRC Chair deliver their closing remarks. The ringing and passing of the official conference bell to the next host district/country marks the closing of the conference.


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